Holiday Gifts for Tequila Lovers and More

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday gifting season! And there’s no better gift for alcohol lovers or anyone, really, than tequila. Trust us, a case of Curamia Tequila is always a hit at every holiday bash. From hostess gifts to presents for your fashionista friend to gift ideas for yourself (!), we’re making gift-giving just a little bit easier this holiday season.

Whether buying for friends, family, or yourself (we won’t tell), these are our picks for the best tequila gifts and more!

Curamia for the tequila lover

Tequila lovers are easy to gift; after all, tequila is a present on its own! To really “wow” your favorite tequila fan (even if that fan is you!), assemble a tequila gift set with everything they need to enjoy their favorite holiday liquor.

Start with the main character—Curamia Blanco, of course. There’s nothing like the real, authentic Jalisco juice as the main event in a tequila gift set. Surround the bottle of festive holiday liquor with everything needed to enjoy the good stuff. These coupe glasses and a tequila decanter make drinking tequila extra enjoyable and look spectacular sitting on a bar. Speaking of at-home bars, this affordable and compact serving cart would make a fantastic gift! While Curamia Blanco is easy to sip on its own, you can’t forget to mix it up with creative mixers to help the tequila shine in so many different cocktails.

Curamia the hostess

You’re never supposed to show up empty-handed, and hosts and hostesses love a cozy gift they can share with friends and family. A Pura smart fragrance diffuser lets hosts control the vibe of their party with specialty home scents controlled right from their smartphone. We love the classic Capri Blue Volcano and cozy seasonal Candied Cranberry scents. The fragrant and festive cranberry pairs well with a case of Curamia Blanco because you never know when a pop-up party might occur, and a case of tequila is the perfect emergency holiday liquor stash! For a creative gift presentation, assemble your own floral arrangement and drop it in a decorative glass pitcher. When the flowers have wilted, they can use the pitcher to serve their favorite tequila cocktail!

Curamia for the mixologist

For the friend who’s always mixing up something new and creative, give them a tequila gift set to stretch their imagination of all kinds of cocktail recipes you can make with tequila. A Tequila Tasting Kit, built with a bottle of Curamia Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo, opens the door to a world of tequila possibilities. Some of these spectacular cocktails are easily made with a straightforward mixer, like AVEC or Q Mixers . From Margarita mix to ginger beer, cocktails are made simple with a quick splash of mix or extravagant with extra ingredients added to simple sodas. It’s difficult to mix up a new creation without the tools of the trade. A luxurious cocktail set will provide everything to shake, stir, and create.

Curamia for the fashionista

Fashionistas are hard to shop for—they’re always on the cutting edge of the latest trends! Which is why they will love our one-of-a-kind Curamia merchandise. From cozy sweaters to hats and a one-of-a-kind scarf that tells a tequila story of its own, the fashionista knows they’ll make a statement and set the trends in this exclusive line. If they’re one to set trends off and on the court, they’ll appreciate a trendy Recess Pickleball set, which pairs well with our Curamia sweater and pickleball-themed socks. A luxurious Figaro Apothecary body duo will keep them refreshed and relaxed with an indulgent at-home spa experience.

Curamia for the chef

Chef friends are the best friends; someone’s gotta be responsible for getting the food on the table! Give them all the meal ideas they could ask for with a collection of Half Baked Harvest cookbooks; her meals are always a hit and beautifully plated. Speaking of plating, chefs love a little spice on the plate. Gift a set of Red Clay Hot Sauce accouterments for them to play with, along with a Mole Bundle to complete their next Mexican fiesta.

Do you know what pairs best with mole? Tequila. Chefs love a tasting, so grab a Tequila Tasting Kit with a bottle of Curamia Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo so they can make a spread with variety. Graza Olive Oil and a Pepper Shaker are the cherries on top.

Let’s cross off those Christmas lists one bottle of tequila at a time! Tequila makes an excellent gift for those friends who have everything, bosses and colleagues, neighbors, and even yourself. Santa knows the holidays can be busy with a lot to juggle. Tequila is the perfect nightcap for The Claus, his elves, and for you.

Shop Curamia Tequila in stores near you, or ship bottles right to your home so you have one less thing to worry about this winter. Happy Holidays!

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