Our Tequila Process

From Jalisco, Mexico to your table, follow the journey of Curamia Tequila. Made by women for the world to enjoy.

  • how it’s made

    how it’s made

    Mineral Enrichment

    Our process begins in the fertile fields of Jalisco, Mexico. Here, at the foot of the Tequila Volcano, the natural spring water absorbs a wealth of essential minerals from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The water, pooling in underground wells beneath lowland agave fields, acquires a unique flavor profile that sets Curamia apart.

  • How it's made

    How it's made

    Sustainable Distillation

    We take pride in our environmentally-sensitive approach. Recognized by the Tequila Regulatory Council, we use a water-steaming process, which extracts more sugar from each agave plant, ensuring a fresh, clean taste and a smaller carbon footprint. This innovation allows us to produce more tequila from the same amount of agave, while also reducing the typical water usage from 17 liters to just 7 liters per liter of tequila distilled.



    Merging tradition with ingenuity, we harmonize our tequila ingredients with the mineral-laden spring water through a proprietary process. This synergy enhances the unique, nutrient-infused flavors of our lowland agave, creating an extra-soft, herbal finish without the use of any additives.



    The final step of our process is careful bottling. We meticulously encase each drop of our tequila, reflecting the beauty of Curamia both inside and out, while staying committed to sustainable practices and excellence.

A Mexican Legacy

Inspired by her abuela’s legacy, Curamia founder Dafna Mizrahi is on a mission to bring the true spirit of Jalisco, Mexico to the rest of the world.

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Our Tequilas



Immerse yourself in the purity of our classic tequila blanco.



Step into a world of elegance with our amber tequila reposado.



Toast to success with the rich finish of our tequila añejo.



Capture the true sweetness of life with our tequila cristalino.

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