Tasty Ingredients that Mix with Tequila

We’re members of the margarita fan club—don’t get us wrong—but there are many other ways to enjoy tequila. Whether shaken, on the rocks, or frozen, tequila is one of the most versatile liquors on the market. You can even sip it neat—no tequila mixers necessary.

However, tequila mixers can turn a simple shot into an expressive cocktail journey. If you want to find out what goes well with tequila, we can help. Check your bar cart to see which type of tequila you have on hand (blanco, reposado, or añejo), and get ready to mix it up!

What Goes Well with Tequila Blanco

Tequila Blanco is a clear tequila known best for its inclusion in the classic margarita. It’s a go-to tequila for mixing in cocktails because of its sharp bite that’s best cut with fresh squeezed juice or sweetness. The sourness of lime juice is a great companion for tequila blanco, and the bitterness of freshly squeezed grapefruit will pack a punch paired with tequila blanco (like in a Paloma).

What Goes Well with Tequila Reposado

Tequila Reposado is slightly aged and has a light golden hue with a taste of vanilla, caramel, and spice. It has a toastier, more caramelized flavor, similar to whiskey, and smokier than tequila blanco. Coconut flavor and fresh coconut water are an excellent pair for tequila reposado, complementing the toastiness and spice. As simple tequila mixers go, a simple agave syrup added to tequila reposado is a delicious cocktail.

What Goes Well with Tequila Añejo

Tequila Añejo, an aged tequila with an amber hue, has a complex taste with notes of tobacco, cinnamon, and vanilla. Its rich oak flavor can easily substitute for whiskey in cocktails such as the Old-Fashioned. A spin on this classic cocktail is to add jalapeño for spice. If you like whiskey and coke, try a tequila and coke called a Batanga!

What goes good with tequila

What Juice Goes Well with Tequila

Typically, tropical and citrus fruit juice mixes well with tequila. The fresher, the better, so squeeze your fruit for the most natural flavor. The Paloma is the most classic tequila + juice concoction, made with fresh grapefruit and lime juices. Pineapple juice and tequila are also a match made in heaven—and any type of tequila will do here.

The Paloma is made with grapefruit and lime juices.

Speaking of citrus, you’ve probably heard of the Tequila Sunrise. This cocktail is mixed with orange juice and grenadine on the rocks for a flavor reminiscent of your last tropical vacation.

What non-traditional juice goes well with tequila? Cranberry juice tequila mixers might surprise you, but this Cranberry Ginger Mule is a hit for wintertime and beyond, especially paired with our Tequila Blanco.

A festive mix of tequila, cranberry, and ginger beer

Have you considered what vegetable juice goes well with tequila? We recommend tomato juice. Yes, you can even make a Tequila Bloody Maria! The tomato's natural acidity will relax the tequila's bite and complement its earthiness.

No matter if you’re mixing fruit juice, vegetable juice, or even herbs and spices, remember fresh from the farm will taste best in your tequila. Hand-squeeze and chop directly from the sprig for the best-tasting tequila mixers.

Simple Tequila Drinks with 2 Ingredients

Don’t have many tequila mixers on hand? No problem. Other than sipping tequila straight, simple tequila drinks with 2 ingredients are just as delicious as the more elaborate cocktail recipes.

Club soda + tequila is simple, low-calorie, and low-maintenance. If you have Topo Chico on hand, even better. Add a squeeze of lime, orange, or grapefruit, and you just upgraded each sip. If plain club soda isn’t your thing, try adding a flavored soda like Sprite for a zing of lemon and lime. Sparkling tequila mixers bring out the fun!

A martini with vermouth + tequila blanco puts an unexpected spin on the traditional cocktail. If you have more than one tequila on hand, add vermouth + tequila añejo for a spicy Manhattan.

Tequila Mixers FAQ

What soda mixes well with tequila?

A list of simple tequila drinks with 2 ingredients would be impossible without soda! Citrus sodas, like grapefruit and lemon-lime sodas, taste amazing with tequila. As tequila mixers, plain club soda mixed with cocktail mixers like grenadine and agave make spectacular sips.

What do you drink while sipping tequila?

Tequila can be sipped on its own, especially aged tequila like añejo. However, if you need a little something to chase it or need ideas for tequila mixers, try mixing it with freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice!

What is the popular way to consume tequila?

One of the most popular ways to consume tequila is in a margarita. After all, it’s a classic! However, tequila is changing the game with tequila cocktails that rival the other liquors on the market, replacing whiskey in the Old Fashioned and gin in a martini. 

If you don’t have any tequila mixers on hand, no problem. Curamia Tequila is so smooth you can sip it straight with no issues. Thanks to our unique distillation process in which we steam the tequila instead of baking it, Curamia Tequila is incredibly versatile on its own or mixed in a cocktail.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try our tequila expressions as replacements for other spirits in your favorite mixed drinks! You can find a list of our stockists or buy a bottle at

Types of Tequila to mix with

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