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Are you hosting a dinner party centered around tequila? We don’t blame you; it’s a great place to start! But your guests have to eat, right? So, what pairs well with tequila cocktails? 

When you consider what to eat with tequila, Mexican food likely comes to mind first (and with good reason). It’s true—you simply can’t beat a margarita and a taco. However, the variety of tequila expressions available opens up an entire culinary world of delicious tequila food pairings just waiting to be enjoyed. After all, tequila is set to take over vodka’s place as the most popular spirit in the U.S.

Get out your grocery list. It’s time to learn what food pairs well with tequila.

1. Tacos, Enchiladas, and Burritos

It sounds obvious, but tacos are the number one answer to “What pairs well with tequila?” Enchiladas and burritos are a very close second and third. These traditional meals' authentic Mexican flavors were made to pair perfectly with tequila. When it comes to tacos and tequila food pairings, opt for fish tacos with Tequila Blanco. If you choose pork or steak tacos, go for a Tequila Reposado. No matter what you add to your menu, you won’t go wrong with tacos, enchiladas, and burritos alongside your tequila cocktail.

2. Fish

What food pairs well with tequila? Fish—of any kind. Grilled or raw; sushi or shrimp. Well-seasoned fish with notes of garlic and chili will taste exquisite paired with tequila. Raw fish, like ceviche and sushi, pair well with a lighter Tequila Blanco, as does grilled fish like shrimp or octopus. Fish tacos, grilled fish, or even fish-forward pasta will impress paired with a tequila cocktail.

3. Rich Meats

What meats pair well with tequila? We can’t think of one that doesn’t complement the Jalisco juice. Pork, steak, chicken—it’s all good. Pulled pork, spicy pork chops, or pork tenderloin go well with Tequila Reposado. A juicy steak pairs well with the rich flavor of Tequila Añejo, especially with a creamy sauce to top it off. Even fried chicken has a place on your plate with Tequila Añejo in your glass.

4. Vegetables

You’ve got your main dishes. Now, what pairs well with tequila for side dishes? You can pair grilled and fresh vegetables with tequila! A charred veggie like corn or cauliflower pair well with Tequila Reposado, while fresh veggies like zucchini or peppers tossed in lemon or lime and tomatillos are best enjoyed with Tequila Blanco. Sweet potatoes, citrus salads, and asparagus are all excellent side dishes for tequila cocktails.

5. Charcuterie

If you really want to show off your knowledge of tequila food pairings, try a charcuterie board built to balance the flavors of your tequila cocktail. Chocolate, cheese, and meats are all foods that pair well with tequila, making charcuterie is a no-brainer. Tequila also pairs well with olives, nuts, honey, and citrus jellies.

  • Chocolates: Chop dark chocolate or Mexican milk chocolate into sharing squares for Tequila Añejo pairings.
  • Cheeses: For Tequila Blanco, add a mild cheese like brie. For an aged tequila, choose cheddar. 
  • Meats: Cured meats with a salty, fatty finish, especially pork-based meats, are the board winners.

Tequila Food Pairings FAQ

What flavors complement tequila?

Acidic flavors (like citrus) complement tequila well, especially Tequila Blanco. Salty, fatty flavors will bring out the sweetness and spice for the richer, bolder, aged tequilas. 

What fruits pair well with tequila?

All-natural, juicy fruits, especially citrus, are the perfect pairing for tequila. Think orange, lime, and pineapple. Although sometimes forgotten as a fruit, avocado is a go-to for tequila — especially guacamole! Matt Carter, chef/restaurant owner, vouches for bananas to add sweetness to balance the bite of Tequila Blanco.

No matter what food you’re preparing to serve, you can find a Curamia Tequila that pairs perfectly with your menu. From Tequila Blanco to Tequila Añejo, our authentic Mexican spirits can be found in stores all over the country, and—for those in a pinch—you can have bottles shipped right to your door. And, if you still need cocktail recipes for your dinner party menu, visit our cocktail recipes to find an exquisite pairing.

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