Co-Founder Dafna Mizrahi Honored by Cosmopolitan Magazine

Our co-founder, Dafna Mizrahi, was recently recognized by Cosmopolitan magazine for a distinguished honor that all of us at Curamia are exceptionally proud of! Dafna was chosen as an honoree of the digitalundivided and Cosmopolitan’s The New C-Suite 2023 featured in Cosmopolitan’s November/December issue.

The New C-Suite program celebrates remarkable women of color who have founded and operate their own businesses, celebrating founders who are disrupting their industries with their vision and making waves in the business world despite the challenges that come with it. The New C-Suite program allows us to celebrate and advocate for an inclusive investment ecosystem, which Curamia is honored to contribute to!

“We’ve shaped Curamia as a brand that celebrates women—and doesn’t sell women.”

It’s an honor alone to be featured in one of the most esteemed lifestyle magazines in the world, but to be recognized for our fierce female leadership and efforts to celebrate women in business —well, that’s just the icing on the cake. And we have our all-female investment and management team, majority women-run distillery, and female-led marketing teams to prove it.

Dafna is joined in this honor by female founders leading innovation across the beauty, health tech, legal, and food and beverage industries who are redefining how the corner office looks, feels, and operates. You can see the complete list of 10 incredible ladies here!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Cosmopolitan’s November/December issue (or view the digital feature) to see Dafna featured on its pages!

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