How to Host a Tequila Tasting

You’ve heard of a wine tasting, but what about a tequila tasting? They’re essentially the same, except you’re sampling different tequilas instead of wine. And, in our humble opinion, tequila tastings have a little more personality!

Whether you’re attending a tequila tasting event or hosting an at-home tasting of your own, we’ll teach you how to do a tequila tasting with ideas for food pairings and more tequila knowledge that will come in handy.

What is a tequila tasting?

Whether you’re a tequila rookie or a tequila lover, tequila tastings allow you to sample several different types or tequila brands to find the one you like the best. During a tequila tasting, you may try six or more varieties of tequila—all sipped neat. Instead of full-size drinks or cocktail recipes, you’ll try small servings of straight tequila. You will come away from this experience knowing the various tastes of tequila much better. 

How are you supposed to taste tequila?

Tequila can be enjoyed in many different ways: shot, sipped, shaken, and neat, to name a few. But if you want to know how to do a tequila tasting the traditional way, follow these tequila tasting steps. 

1. Fill a Glass

Pour tequila into long, narrow tequila glasses. You can even use a champagne flute if you don’t have access to traditional tequila glasses. If you’re trying many different types of tequila, pour them into their own glasses and line them up like a flight.

2.  Swirl and Observe

Swirl the tequila around the glass and watch how its viscosity moves about the glass. Do this gently—you don’t want to lose a single drop! Observe the color and appreciate its appearance.

3. Take a Sniff

Gently tilt the glass on its side, allowing the tequila to move towards the edge of the glass. Sniff (again, gently!) to take in the full aroma of the tequila. What does tequila smell like? At first, you may notice hints of raw or cooked agave, which smells like subtle vegetation or aloe vera. Then, you’ll discover the next aroma, which typically comes across as fruity. You’ll smell hints of caramel, spice, or oak if a tequila is aged.

4. Compare and Contrast

Before you take a sip, compare the tequila to the other tequilas in the line-up in front of you. How does it look? How does it smell? Is it a different consistency? Noting the differences and similarities between tequilas will help you appreciate their individual flavors even more.

5. Sip and Enjoy

And now, you get to taste it! Take a small sip, noting the different flavor notes. Is it sweet or smokey? Does it have hints of vegetation or sweet caramel? In this final step, you may find a clear favorite from the varieties before you.

What are common tequila-tasting notes?

Common tequila tasting notes will vary depending on the tequila expression you’re tasting. For example, Blanco Tequila will have more robust tasting notes of earthy vegetation, while Añejo will have a smoother, more vanilla or caramel flavor. Other typical tequila tasting notes are citrus, honey, and black pepper.

Host a Tequila Tasting

How do I host a tequila tasting?

If you want to know how to do a tequila tasting at home, you’ve come to the right place. We encourage all tequila lovers to try a tasting of Curamia Tequilas to see which expression is their favorite. These are our best tequila tasting ideas and tips.

    • Gather the Supplies. You’ll need tasting glasses, notecards to distinguish between the tequila types, snacks, and foods that pair well with tequila, and, of course, the tequila itself!
    • Purchase the Tequila. Our best tequila tasting idea is to buy a case of mix-and-match tequila. (And you can do this directly from our website!) Many guests are probably familiar with Blanco Tequila, so offer other expressions, such as Reposado or Añejo, for comparison purposes. Or, stick to one expression from many different tequila brands.
    • Teach the Tasting Technique. When your guests arrive, fill them in on the traditional way to taste tequila (review the steps above!) and let them jot down their notes. You’ll enjoy hearing how each guest has their own take on the flavors and aromas!
    • Serve Snacks and Food. Pair snacks and food with the tequila for an even richer experience. Fresh vegetables, charcuterie, and salty meats go well with tequila, and tacos are always satisfying with some tequila!

Do you love tequila so much you want to be considered an official tequila taster? Professional tequila tasters are known as “catadores” and take their roles seriously in tequila tastings and ratings. However, we also understand the love of tequila, so we made merch that brings tequila lovers together. Wear that Curamia Tequila love with pride!

If you’re ready for your very own tequila tasting, stock up on Curamia’s tequila to try 100% authentic, additive-free, smooth Mexican tequila. With three different expressions, you’re bound to find one (or more) you love! Find Curamia at a store near you, or if you want to ship a few bottles right to your door, shop online. Cheers to your next tequila tasting!

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