Savoring Tequila Mindfully: Beyond the Drink

Tequila is on the rise, and people (especially spirits brands) are taking notice. So much so that it seems like every celebrity wants their own tequila. However, this rise in popularity comes with some disadvantages for the tequila industry. Namely a surge in mass-produced, inauthentic tequilas that serve to make money rather than preserve the legacy of authentic Jalisco tequila.

Mass-produced tequila—often filled with unnatural additives—gives sippers a completely different experience than authentic, 100% pure blue agave tequilas, not only in flavor but the impact on the environment.

To truly enjoy an authentic sipping tequila, learn how to practice mindful consumption of the Jalisco juice. We can help you!

Tequila Production in Mexico

To protect the integrity of true tequila, the Mexican government declared ownership of the term “tequila” and its intellectual property in 1974. Along with ownership, they enforce various regulations related to its production. Namely, for a spirit to be labeled as tequila, it must meet four criteria:

  • Genuine tequila must come from one of Mexico’s five authorized tequila regions.
  • It must contain at least 51% Blue Weber Agave
  • It must be made from 100% natural ingredients (i.e., no additives)
  • It must contain a minimum of 38% alcohol.

These regulations were implemented to protect the experience and flavor of sipping tequila that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years thanks to Mexican distillers.

How does tequila production impact the experience of sipping tequila?

Tequila production can impact the experience of sipping tequila in many ways. Most notably, taking the cheaper, faster route in production of the agave plant produces a lower-quality tequila lacking the smoothness of the best sipping tequilas on the market.

It takes roughly seven years of agave aging to reach ideal maturity and 12 years until full maturity. Unfortunately, pressure to produce more agave faster has led many jimadores (or agave farmers) to harvest their agave crops earlier. Immature agave plants are then sold to companies that mass-produce tequila with additives to compensate for the lack of aging in the flavor profile. Thus, you’ll get an inauthentic tequila-like spirit without the smooth taste.

There is also an environmental impact on the flavor of tequila, which can disrupt the sipping experience for those who practice mindful consumption of ecologically friendly products. Mass-production and over-harvesting of agave leads to plant waste and unsustainable water usage and sometimes go along with disingenuous labor practices.

All in all, sipping tequila that’s mass-produced using environmentally unfriendly production practices and created with unnatural additives is detrimental to the actual flavor, taste, and experience of a good, genuine Mexican tequila, which is why we stress the importance of mindful consumption. This leads us to how the Curamia Tequila experience varies.

The Curamia Tequila Experience

The Curamia Tequila experience is 100% authentic. Made in Jalisco, Mexico, with zero additives, our distillation process involves steaming, not traditional baking, creating a smoother taste using less water. This process reduces typical water usage from 17 to just 7 liters per 1 liter of tequila distilled.

Our genuine distillation process uses water that pools in underground wells beneath lowland agave fields, which gives it a smoother flavor profile you won’t find in cheaper mixto tequilas. You can literally taste the difference in each of our sipping tequila expressions!

How can I enhance my experience when sipping tequila mindfully?

To know how to sip tequila mindfully, you must choose a good tequila. The best sipping tequilas are made with authenticity in mind. Look for tequilas made in one of the five authorized regions (Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, or Jalisco) designated as 100% Blue Weber Agave with zero additives.

How do you properly sip tequila?

Tequila production may have a set of rules to follow, but tequila can be enjoyed in many different ways! You can shoot, sip, shake, or enjoy it neat. A tequila tasting can teach you the nuances between tequila expressions, plus how to identify a quality, authentic tequila. And you can host one at home!

To sip tequila the traditional way, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Pour tequila into a long, narrow glass; you can even use a champagne flute!
  • Step 2: Gently swirl the tequila around the glass, watching how its viscosity moves about.
  • Step 3: Tilt the glass on its slide so that the tequila moves toward the edge of the class—sniff (gently) to take in the full aroma.
  • Step 4: Take a small sip and mentally savor its flavor notes.

What type of tequila is best for sipping?

When you find quality tequila, you’ll be able to enjoy it sipped no matter what its expression. However, like whiskey, aged tequilas tend to be smoother and easier to sip.

Ready to discover the difference in a proper, authentic tequila? Explore the mindful consumption of genuine Mexican tequila by trying all of Curamia’s expressions. You may find us stocked in stores near you, or you can shop online to purchase an entire tasting kit!

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