What Exactly Is Cristalino Tequila

Modern tequila—what you’re familiar with in your margarita—has existed since the 1700s. The clear, strong, fermented agave juice is a classic staple in Mexican households, rising in popularity worldwide. However, one tequila expression is newer to the scene.

Meet cristalino tequila. The first appearance of cristalino tequila was in 2011, making it less than 15 years old. While rare on many liquor shop shelves, it’s gaining momentum in the tequila fandom for its unique characteristics and traditional taste. If it looks like blanco and tastes like añejo, then what is cristalino tequila, really?

What is Cristalino Tequila?

Cristalino tequila is an aged tequila that looks like a blanco tequila, meaning it’s crystal clear in appearance—hence, its name translates to “crystalline.” It’s aged into an añejo tequila, then filtered to remove the colors and some of the flavors developed during aging.

Cristalino tequila is what is considered a high-end tequila due to its elegant flavor profile and distinguished distillation process. Though the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) hasn’t named cristalino an official tequila category just yet, they permit its production along with specific standards, such as proof of barrel aging and documentation of the filtering process.

What is Cristalino Tequila’s flavor profile?

Compared to tequila añejo, cristalino shares some of the rich, complex flavors of the añejo (from the aging process), paired with the crisp flavor notes of a blanco. The one-of-a-kind flavor profile is curious for tequila lovers, especially those trying cristalino for the first time.

With subtle notes of vanilla and caramel typical of tequila añejo, cristalino also shares the flavors of a blanco tequila with crisp citrus and agave notes. Through the filtering process, much of the oak barrel flavors are removed.

How is Cristalino Tequila made?

Cristalino tequila is what some may call an art form. To create cristalino tequila, tequila is aged for one to three years until it becomes an añejo tequila. Then, the amber color is filtered out of the liquid using a charcoal-filtering process that imparts activated carbon dust and cellulose filters.

This is where the artistic expertise comes in. When removing the color from the tequila, it’s common to (accidentally) filter out some of the rich flavors an aged tequila is known for. However, the best distillers know how to filter the tequila so that just the right amount of flavors remain.

Curamia’s Tequila Cristalino

Curamia’s Tequila Cristalino takes you on a journey of luxury with tequila flavors you’ve never experienced before. It features notes of creamy custard, meringue, and honey. The experience is also a journey for your senses; you’ll enjoy a sweetened yet clean finish that only a cristalino can provide. And despite the unique flavors and lack of color, we never use additives in our tequila, ever.

Though it’s not on shelves yet, you can buy Curamia’s Tequila Cristalino soon!

Cristalino Tequila FAQs

What is the difference between tequila blanco, or silver tequila, and cristalino?

Tequila blanco and tequila cristalino look the same (or very similar) but have very different flavors. Despite both having a clear or nearly clear appearance, tequila blanco has sharp flavor notes of citrus, grass, and pepper. Cristalino shares these flavor notes more subtly, with vanilla and caramel added from the aging process.

Tequila blanco is the purest, traditional, unaged tequila, while cristalino is aged one to three years and then undergoes a filtering process to create the look and distinct flavor.

What is the difference between añejo and cristalino?

Tequila añejo and cristalino are pretty similar! Both tequilas share the same aging process. However, tequila añejo is bottled instantly upon aging one to three years. Cristalino is añejo tequila, which undergoes a charcoal-filtering process to remove its color and some oak-aged flavoring.

Both tequilas share a rich, complex flavor profile of vanilla and caramel, though añejo keeps the oak flavors, while cristalino takes on some of the pure blanco tequila flavors of cooked agave.

If you’re interested in experiencing the distinct flavors of tequila cristalino alongside the other tequila expressions, we suggest having a tasting party! You’ll experience all of the flavor journeys from pure, 100%, unaged tequila blanco to the smooth, aged varieties of reposado and añejo, with the distinct uniqueness of cristalino! For each of these expressions, search for Curamia Tequila in stores near you or order a case online to have it shipped directly to you.

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